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Training Needs Of Borzoi Dogs

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As with all hunter hounds, Borzois have an independent mind— crate training can be challenging. People who do not understand them may say that they're dumb or stubborn. Although they're stubborn, Borzois aren't dumb. They only think if they like to do as you say and how it can benefit them. Repetition bores them quickly— training should be short and interesting. It's essential to apply constant positive reinforcement instead of intimidation to make the training successful.

Borzois aren't hard to housetrain, and crate-training is necessary to help with housetraining and ensure that your stuff is safe when you aren't around. Borzois will also love to spend time alone in their crate given proper introduction— padding serves as protection to their bony body. Adult Borzois must have a 26-inch wide, 36-inch high, and 48-inch long crate. Borzoi puppies mature slowly, so their destructive behavior isn't more likely to disappear sooner during puppyhood. Lots of companionship and exercise may help, though.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s behavior, don’t hesitate to contact your vet clinic Savannah, GA.

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